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Sell surplus
volume licences

Sell surplus software licences and use the capital gained
to invest in your company's future!

Your company has surplus licences available?
Then you might want to give us a call.
We can help you turn this unused capital into an asset!

Activate unused capital

Selling unused or freed-up software licences can help you unlock a whole range of benefits:

  • You can generate significant income apart from your normal business operations and thus extend your financial scope.
  • Drive your change from a capital-intensive cost structure to a more flexible one based largely on operating costs. Gain more freedom to remodel your software licensing strategy.
  • Selling licences in this way can also serve as an opportunity to finally straighten out your company's software management.

Why Relicense?

Experience tells us that, when selling second-hand software, it is advisable to rely on a partner who has a proven record of being knowledgeable, experienced and reliable. You can consider us to be such a partner:

  • We offer expert advice in all product, licensing and legal matters.
  • We strictly observe all legal and manufacturers' requirements.
  • We frequently undergo audits conducted by independent auditing organisations.
  • We notify the manufacturer about each individual licence transfer.

Step 1: Prepare all the information needed

A number of preconditions need to be met for licences to be transferred in a legally compliant way.

Please gather the following details (as far as they are already known) for us. We can then inform you whether we can transfer the licences you wish to sell and make a corresponding purchase offer:

  • Which specific licences do you wish to sell?
    (product name, version/edition, amount)
  • What kind of licences are they?
    (EA, MPSA, Open, Select)
  • Who is the registered owner authorised to make a decision on selling?
  • What proof of ownership do you have for the licences?
  • In which country have the licences been used to date?
  • Are the licences available or when will they be?

Step 2: Contact us!

Do you have all the details ready or do you still have questions? Then call us or write to us using the form below. Our experts will be glad to help you and walk you step by step through the process.

Tel. +49 81 43 99 14 66-0


Privacy - by submitting this form, you agree that your data provided on the contact form will be stored in order to process and answer your request. Please note: The information will be deleted after this process is completed and will not be shared. You can revoke your consent at any time with future effect.
» You can find detailed Information about the handling of personal Information in our privacy statement.

And what's the next step?

Once we have all the information available, we will check whether a sale is possible and, if so, prepare a concrete offer.

Subsequently, we will perform all the necessary steps and help you transfer your licences safely and in legal compliance – working with your financial auditor, quality manager or compliance appointee at your discretion. Your sale will be documented in a legally compliant way and reported to Microsoft, which makes it confirmable as legally sound in compliance and accounting audits at any time.

Relicense Verified - legally compliant - audit secure