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The Relicense blog on
second-hand software licences

Everything organisations need to know about the legally compliant
and cost saving use of second-hand Microsoft volume licences

Tips, news, best practices, and more …

More and more organisations are showing interest in the manifold benefits second-hand software licences can provide. This interest leads to questions on topics such as legal aspects, the transfer process or ideal licensing models. In our Clever! blog, licensing experts will provide the answers.

How to attract the limelight
Best Practices
22. August 2019 - Katrin Luther

From Obscurity to Stardom: What License Managers Can Do to Attract the Limelight

Wisely acting licensing managers can achieve huge savings for their companies - and a deserved place in the limelight

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Tobias Lander, Director Sales - Germany
7. August 2019 - Tobias Lander

Windows 7: Time Is Running Out

Windows 7 ceases to receive any support and updates from Microsoft on 14th January 2020 - Enterprises have to act now!

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What you should look out for when buying pre-owned software
Legal Issues
25. July 2019 - Katrin Luther

What you should look out for when buying pre-owned software

The purchase and use of pre-owned software is absolutely legal, if your supplier follows all legal and formal requirements 

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Michael Vilain, Relicense
11. July 2019 - Michael Vilain

A New Blog on Second-Hand Software

There are many reasons for starting a company blog. Communications between the organization and its customers and prospects have at least a chance of benefiting significantly ...

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