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Time's Up for Windows 7: Now Businesses Are Left with these 5 Options

29. January 2020 - Michael Vilain

Time's Up for Windows 7: Now Businesses Are Left with these 5 Options

On January 14, the time had come: Microsoft officially discontinued their support for Windows 7. Since this day, automatic security updates essential for safeguarding valuable corporate data are no longer turning up. In their majority, businesses have long prepared for this date and taken appropriate precautions but for various reasons, hundreds of thousands of companies large and small still rely on this operation system dinosaur for various reasons even after its support period has come to an end.

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Only alternative cloud?

23. October 2019 - Katrin Luther

End of Support for Windows 7 and the Drive into the Cloud

As the end of support for Windows 7 draws near, the reverberations in the relevant media come to sound ever more insistent. Representatives of all kinds of stake holders speak out, trying to influence companies still relying on this by now thoroughly outdated version of the world’s dominant operating system to follow their line.

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Security Threat

2. September 2019 - Michael Vilain

Kaspersky Presents New Figures about an Old Issue

Recently, security professionals from Kaspersky Lab have quoted new figures illustrating the full dimension of a hazard given the approaching end of support for Windows 7.

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Tobias Lander, Director Sales - Germany

7. August 2019 - Tobias Lander

Windows 7: Time Is Running Out

Windows 7 ceases to receive any support and updates from Microsoft on 14th January 2020 - Enterprises have to act now!

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