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The CLOUD Act and How to Safeguard Your Privacy

9. March 2020 - Michael Vilain

The CLOUD Act and How to Safeguard Your Privacy

In view of the so-called CLOUD (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data) Act, which has been in force since 23rd March 2018 and tightens the previous provisions, more organizations than ever will have started to wonder whether keeping all their data in cloud storage is such a wise thing to do.

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Only alternative cloud?

23. October 2019 - Katrin Luther

End of Support for Windows 7 and the Drive into the Cloud

As the end of support for Windows 7 draws near, the reverberations in the relevant media come to sound ever more insistent. Representatives of all kinds of stake holders speak out, trying to influence companies still relying on this by now thoroughly outdated version of the world’s dominant operating system to follow their line.

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How to attract the limelight

22. August 2019 - Katrin Luther

From Obscurity to Stardom: What License Managers Can Do to Attract the Limelight

Wisely acting licensing managers can achieve huge savings for their companies - and a deserved place in the limelight

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