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Legal Issues Software License Dumping: to Good to Be True!

21. September 2020 – Stefan Buschkühler
Software License Dumping: to Good to Be True!

In recent times, we at Relicense have increasingly been approached by people stating that current Microsoft Office volume licenses were being offered on the Internet at per-unit prices just below €20, this being less than a quarter of the price usually quoted on the pre-owned software market. Therefore, that Price was scarcely justifiable.

A license key is by no means a license

Well, as with just about any brand product offering luring customers with unbelievably low prices, greatest caution is advisable in this case as well. We would strongly recommend prospective buyers to scrutinize such alleged bargains and find out whether they are legally compliant transferable volume licenses complete with all required documentation or just so-called keys allowing buyers to activate software product copies. For cars, the equivalent would be to ask, when you bought a used car, whether just the keys were handed over or the vehicle's registration document as well.

It won't cost you to ask

Using unlicensed software can have grave and costly consequences for organisations. Our advice for those interested in employing pre-owned volume licences is to consult us about the legal background and the legislator's stipulations first before undertaking a purchase, the reason being that license law in general is quite a complex matter.

Our purchase guide, License Purchase Explained Step by Step, ready for download in PDF format free of charge >>here, can give an excellent initial orientation. For all further questions that you may have, our qualified staff members will be delighted to help.


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